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A south american Woman by nature; a Psychologist, Trainer and Coach by education; I'm a Warrior by Life formation and a Mother by choice.

In the last 17 years I've had the privilege to assist members of boards, artists, entrepreneurs, Mums, managers, CEO's, designers, athletes, and counselors. As a Senior Trainer and International Coach, I've had the honor to touch the lives of hundreds of global players, and participate closely with HQ houses all over the world such as Adidas, BMW, Coca-Cola, Mondi, Swarovski just to name a few. 

I am the founder of Living with Boldness, an online learning community which offers Workshops, Retreats, Classes and Webinars, for those who are hungry for braveness, self worth, courage and growth. 

I see myself as a transformation catalyst, an architect. My mission is to inspire, construct and set scenarios to empower people to develop and EXPAND into their full potential!

My job consists in helping individuals tap into WHO they are, WHAT they want, their many STRENGTHS, maximize their ACTIONS and ultimately, become a witness of how they reach the life of their dreams.

I am proud to have participated in developing fabulous lives and careers, creating many mindful businesses and Leadership.


With Women

Back in 2001, I started working with girls and women, mostly abused sexually or psychologically, with eating disorders, depression, anxiety or flat suicidal. Till this DAY, I have not met a single one, who gave up on the battle or was not able to develop the skills they needed to create THE life they knew they deserved. In owe of all mighty incredible women! There's nothing we can not do!

With Groups & Circles

There is something truly extraordinary that happens every single time, when a group of individuals come together with the purpose of co-creation, expansion and growth, open to reflect and listen, or sometimes share. The work which happens in those scenarios can be so insightful and hardcore as many one on one sessions. The power unleashed from such sessions can not be compared.

With Leaders

Taking the decision to LEAD is a brave thing to do: I respect you for it! Most of the times is not easy and requires boldness and real passion for the work and those who we lead.
I've devoted my life in teaching Mindful Leadership, offering leaders the skill-set to do their jobs and run their teams and business effectively, empowering them with the mindset for true success!

With Teams

I am a devoted practitioner of High Functioning Team Models, and have helped transform powerful teams from the inside out! Working with teams to create Trust, to learn how to Fight and Disagree, to Commit and hold each other Accountable, are as important as delivering Results for High Performing Teams. 

In the Seminar Room

My second home: The seminar room has welcomed me thousands of times to deep dive with individuals in those topics that matter most! Offers us the scenario and opportunity to freeze time to "SLOW DOWN, TO SPEED UP". Getting away from the noise to BE together and DO THE RIGHT THINGS, in an immersion process that has the power to change the future.

On Stage

Public speaking tends to be a love-or-hate pursuit for many. For me, is just another way serve you wholeheartedly.

In the past years I am invited as a Keynote Speaker for Business Conferences or Mastermind groups, to share my experience around the teachings on Mindful Leadership, Conflict, Courage and Boldness. 

"Helena was fantastic to work with. She is a very strategic, result driven and people oriented professional. Working with her is a signature of success."

Necip Saral
Managing Director, WILKINGS Group

"It is always a pleasure to work with Helena. Thanks to her practical, solution minded and professional service we achieve every time a successful outcome."

Martina Kovakova

"She is one of the best among all people I have ever worked with. Her exceptional work flow, skills, creativity and understanding of dependencies makes every project a success."

Jürgen Prell
Technical Manager, MONDI HQ

"Helena is a gifted coach. Her insight has helped me find the courage to look deep within myself and even more, the strength to take action."

Anna Gredinger

My Credentials

Master's Degree in Psychology, ITESO
Specialization in Executive Coaching, 1999

Further Training program in Systemic Negotiation, Association for Psychosocial and Psychotherapeutical Education, 2004

DISC® Certified, Inscape P., 2015 

Kirkpatrick® Certified, Bronze Level, 2016

HPLJ Brinkerhoff® Certified 2017

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"Let’s all live inspired lives, and change the world!"

Tony Horton

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