Living with BOLDNESS is an online learning community which offers Workshops, Retreats, Classes and Webinars, for those who are hungry for braveness.
Hungry for change. Hungry for self love. Self discovery.
Living with BOLDNESS is all about showing up, learning to stand up tall, being authentic, confident, kind and true. BEING THE STRONGEST VERSION OF YOU.
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I want to Live with Boldness BUT....

..."What does it mean to Live With Boldness?  How does a life of Boldness look like? What will this lifestyle give me? Where do I gather the confidence? I don't even know who I am. Will #LWB make it worst? Will boldness help me with my fears? I want to love my self. Is this for me? Is this lifestyle turning me into an arrogant person? I have a messed up past; will #LWB help me forget? How do I know if I am ready?  Why can some people be so courageous and brave and I find it so hard? People keep telling me to 'be myself' but what does that even mean? I want to be bold but I don't feel free to be my authentic self. How can I live this lifestyle in my circumstances? ...."


While it may be difficult at first, do know that deciding to give yourself a Life of Boldness will be the single most critical and rewarding thing you will ever do for yourself. Knowing your worth, finding your purpose, and realizing your own strengths, will be life-changing for you and for those around.

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"Be fearless, be brave, be BOLD, love yourself"         - Haruki Murakami


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